Performance Profiling

In the same way that sports performance can be broken down into individual skills and strengths, so can performance at work. For archery I look at factors such as arm strength, leg strength, flexibility, equipment set-up, ability to focus etc. In your job you might need product knowledge, technical skills, IT skills, work organisation and planning, interpersonal skills and so on.

Having identified the key factors for your job, think about how well you currently do them compared to a level that would make you great at your job. Don't compare yourself with some ultimate hypothetical level but to what you need. For example, writing your own computer software is not essential in most jobs. In the same way, I consider my flexibility to be good enough for my archery although it is nowhere near that of a gymnast. You don't need to compare yourself to other people either. This is about you and your vision of what you want to achieve.

Plot the results in any way that pleases you. A table is fine or a bar chart. I like to do mine on a circular chart that looks like an archery target. The important thing is to be able to identify the areas for improvement and then to take action to bring those up to the level you want.

As a coach I can help you: