Enjoy Your Work

Does work get on top of you sometimes? Or do you really enjoy your job apart from one or two things that bug you and need improving? We spend most of our time at work so it's best if we enjoy it. But problems and difficulties can reduce our job satisfaction and leave us struggling and frustrated.

It might be the pile of work that despite your best efforts doesn't get any smaller. It might be a person who rubs you up the wrong way and you wish you had a new way of handling them. There may be a part of the job you think you could do better but struggle with, like writing reports or calling customers. Or it may be that you could manage everything fine if only you had more time……

Coaching is a way of helping you to find solutions to problems, work better with people and improve your performance. You and the coach work towards your goal together, using all of your knowledge of the situation and people involved. The coach's questions explore beyond the obvious so that you can discover the best thing to do; something that's right for you and right for your business. Coaching gives better, longer lasting results than "quick-fix" snippets of advice or off-the-shelf ideas.

Anyone who has a business problem can benefit from coaching. I have worked with people across the country on all sorts of topics and every person has come up with a unique result, but always something that works for them.