From Sport to Business

Timothy Gallwey was originally a tennis player and later, coach. From the age of fifteen when he missed an easy shot on match point in the American Championships, he has been fascinated by human performance. He realised that more was going on than simply the execution of technique, otherwise once learned, why shouldn't every shot be of equal quality? Tension, forcing, choking and other sporting gremlins, he discovered, are the product of mental interference.

Gallwey called the tendency that people have to interfere with their own ability to learn and achieve, 'The Inner Game'. Without this interference, we are free to execute our skills to our full potential, and not just in sport. He sought practical ways to overcome these mental obstacles and improve performance. His book, The Inner Game of Work applied his theory to business.

I had experienced the interference of the Inner Game myself. Competing in the World Field Archery Championships the tension in my muscles far exceeded that required to pull my bow, as I fought against myself. My vision blurred and, standing perfectly still, my pulse rate exceeded 140. Like Gallwey, I realised that there had to be a better way. And as he had, when back in a business setting, I noticed the same type of interference, for example when making presentations to the Board.

Later, I was amazed to learn that on average people only manifest 40% of their potential. The reasons for under performing are unique to each of us. The aim of coaching is to help people uncover their inner game and learn how to get out of their own way; to unlock people's potential so they can maximise their own performance.

When I coach you, we'll look at your work as if you were preparing for international competition. You'll think about all the factors that influence your business performance and find ways to excel. Very few individuals or businesses do this, tending instead to look at their professions in a narrow way. Think about how Integrated Performance coaching could give you the edge.