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One of coaching's important tools is feedback. My book uses charts as a way of collecting information to provide feedback on sports training and performance.

Succeed in Sport is a book for competitors in any sport who want to get the greatest performance improvement from the precious time that they spend training. Many people keep training diaries but few can use them easily to get feedback on how to improve. Succeed in Sport presents a method, developed from my experience as an international competitor over 19 years, using charts as a visual training diary. It takes less than a minute after each session of training or competition to record everything you need on a sheet, covering a whole month on one page, that you can carry in your kit bag. All the important information can be seen at a glance. Examples are given for archery, badminton, hammer throwing, karate and running.

Starting by identifying the factors that contribute to your sporting performance, you create your own chart to record training, competitions and external factors. It is easy to look at many completed charts together and to see trends. You will discover the types and frequencies of training that best suit your sport, your lifestyle, work and family responsibilities, leading to a tailored training programme and a plan for the year.

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The example charts from the book are provided here as downloads for your personal use.

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Includes charts for Archery, Badminton, Hammer Throwing, Karate and Running zipped together for convenience.

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